Scottish grain handling demo days, organised by McArthur BDC and Sellars Agriculture, are a huge success

Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire: 12 March 2024 - The demo days provided a unique opportunity for fifty plus Scottish farmers to discuss all things grain drying, storage and processing with post-harvest equipment experts from McArthur BDC and Sellars Agriculture.

The first day (5 Mar) was hosted by John Duncan of Easter Balrymonth Farm, Fife.

"I was more than happy to host a demo day,” said Duncan. “It's good to be aware of the available post-harvest equipment options, and to figure out what may suit your farm best while making sure it's a good investment.”

Demos showed how Duncan has successfully deployed a Mecmar D 20 T mobile drier fitted with an automated control panel working alongside a Skandia Elevator AB intake and a chain and flight conveyor. 

“Throughout the process of designing and implementing our set-up it has been a pleasure to work with McArthur BDC and Sellars. We are very pleased with the outcome which has simplified our system, saving both time and money,” explained Duncan.

Farmers were keen to see McArthur BDC’s mobile grain cleaner being demonstrated. They quickly understood the added-value delivered to post-harvest crops by cleaning grain on farm to a high specification.

The mobile system is easy to use, can be moved, setup and operated by a single person, with the option of adding an on-board three phase generator.  

The second demo day (6 Mar) was hosted by Chris Lovie, Farms Manager, Dunecht Home Farms, at Knockquharn Farm, Aberdeen.

Lovie has recently worked with McArthur BDC and Sellars Agriculture to upgrade Dunecht Home Farms’ grain processing capabilities. Demos focused on his Mecmar S 35 T combined with Skandia grain handling equipment.

“The upgraded plant has transformed harvest. We have increased drying and storage capability and reduced our labour costs as the drier can be remotely managed and apart from trailer drivers making checks, it basically looks after itself!” said Lovie. “Plus, we no longer have to double or even treble handle grain, once it is out of the grain trailer, we don’t handle it again until it is loaded onto lorries.”

Attending farmer Graeme Mackie, who farms at Turriff, Aberdeenshire, said: “It was good to attend an open day where we were able to see first-hand a completed project with all the equipment in place, as opposed to plans and drawings. This allowed us to take ideas and potential designs back to our own farm.”

Mackie continued: “Being able to talk to Chris Lovie about the process of planning his project and building out the tailor-made facilities was really informative, and he was happy to confirm that the equipment and systems have improved Dunecht Home Farms’ grain handling process and efficiency.”

“This type of event allows farmers to get to know our people and equipment far better than at an exhibition or show. These two demo days were a huge success and it was good to see such interest from Scottish farmers,” said John McArthur, Managing Director of McArthur BDC.

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