Concept and Feasibility

Project success depends on starting with the end in mind. Depending on project complexity, this might be a discussion around the kitchen table or a standalone report. Getting a firm understanding of the clients aim and objectives for a project is critical. Once this is understood potential solutions can be discussed along with high level budgets. This will start to shape the direction of a project.

Project Development

Once a feasible solution has been identified the project development can begin. A more detailed plan for the function, specification and construction can be developed, along with the investment case for the project. There are many other tasks that require exploration at this stage including, funding, planning permission and provision of utilities. We work alongside the clients project team and will bring our knowledge and experience in all areas to the table.

Design Services

Our in-house design team has years of industry specific experience and use the latest 3D computer aided design technology. The drawings they produce support the project throughout the entire design and development process. Often starting with simple flow diagrams, to production of general arrangement drawings and then finally manufacturing drawings.

Our Services