Our project management team has significant practical and technical experience, this enables the them to maintain oversight and control on the manufacture, assembly and installation of a new project. The team will work closely with the client and other contractors as required to co-ordinate work, ensure programme milestones are met, conduct quality inspections and maintain a safe working environment. 


Mechanical assembly and installation work is completed at both our depots and on site. Assembly of new machines and equipment in the controlled environment of our depots ensures extensive quality and testing can be done prior to delivery. On site assembly and installation is undertaken across Great Britain and Ireland, teams are comprehensively briefed, trained, equipped and supported to do the work.  At all times we adhere to strict health and safety processes on our sites to ensure the safety of our technicians, the client’s workforce and the general public. 


On the completion of the mechanical installation we will proceed to the commissioning stage. This will enable us to test a system as a whole, where possible individual machines will have undergone pre-delivery inspections to limit unexpected complications. Systems will be tested both dry and underload to ensure proper build, operation and control. Once commissioning is complete operator inductions and training can be done to ensure you hit the ground running with the new system. 

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