Keeping costs low, BDC System's have designed the Grain Ventilation Pyramid ready for launch at Cereals 2023

With an eye on the financial pressures farmers are facing, and to ensure grain is stored at the right temperature keeping it in tip-top condition to achieve the best possible price, McArthur BDC Ltd has developed its Ventilation Pyramid, a low-cost solution for low volume ventilation of floor stored grain.

Depending on grain depth and spacing a Ventilation Pyramid, designed to blow air up through grain via a fan located outside of the building, delivers maximum cooling and optimum air distribution, providing ventilation for up to 400t per unit.

With an open lateral design resulting in low air resistance leading to greater efficiency, the Ventilation Pyramid also has excellent stability due it its low-profile outline.

The Ventilation Pyramid uses a standard drainage pipe under concrete to connect to the fan and has an optional galvanised sump chamber with various spigot sizes. Its manhole assembly gives a level finish when not in use.

“Blowing air up through grain is preferable to sucking air down as it improves air distribution, any potential problems rise to the surface, fan heating reduces the relative humidity of blown air, warm damp air is flushed from the building and cooling can start as soon as the Ventilation Pyramids are covered,” explained Andrew Head, McArthur BDC’ sales director.

It is handy to keep the following target grain storage temperatures in mind:

  • Within two weeks of harvest – below 15oC
  • Within three to four months of harvest – below 12oC
  • End of December – below 5oC

McArthur BDC’ team will be available to talk through its extensive range of grain drying, cleaning, storage, handling, ventilation, milling and mixing equipment at Cereals on Stand 534.