Grain Cleaning & Processing Solutions

Grain Cleaning 

Post harvest crop care has never been so important, with grain price fluctuations and production costs at a high, you need to make sure you are getting the best value for your crop.

At McArthur BDC we can provide simple, cost effective solutions to help ensure you are maximising your crops potential.

The JK Machinery JCC VibroCompact is designed to remove impurities and admixture from combinable crops and other bulksolids. The separation is based on particle sizes and aerodynamic properties. The JCC VibroCompact range delivers productivity up to 15 tonnes per hour pre-clean and up to 5 tonnes per hour fine clean. The machines is ideal for seasonal cleaning requirements for agricultural businesses and specialist processing solutions.

Need Something Bigger?

Processing Equipment

The JK Machinery JHC Compact Dehuller is designed for gentle and effective dehulling of cereals. The equipment is capable for processing at up to 1 tonne per hour. It is an entry level machine perfect for occasional use by agricultural or processing businesses adding value to their own produce.

Need Something Bigger?

The JK Machinery JHI Impact Dehuller is designed for the effective dehulling of cereals and oilseeds. The equipment is capable for processing at up to 4 tonnes per hour. The JHI Impact Dehuller is designed for regular use by both agricultural and commercial processing businesses and now features a premium PRO model.

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