Drying Silo’s… What’s the fuss about?

Why are drying silo's seeing an increase in popularity again?

Wouldn't it be great to be able to buy a drier and storgae in one go? One investment that solves two problems. Drying silo's are not new technology, but they are seeing a resurge in popularity... and here is why... 

A grain drying silo offers outstanding value for money to farm businesses & commercial stores looking to add both grain drying and storage capacity. They combine the certainty of results of hot air grain drying systems and the convenience of grain drying floors/storage silos.

FAQ'S with quick answers

Q: What capacities are available?

A: They start at 359 tonne (9.14mø)  and go up to 1616 tonne (18.29mø)

Q: What size can I get on a 28 day planning notice? 

A: Anything up to a 700 tonne silo.

Q: How long will it take to dry? 

A: After about a week, the grain inside the silo will be fully mixed and homogenised. From then, you can expect to take out about half a percent of moisture per day.

Q: Why would I buy this over a drying floor?

A: On average, the 700 tonne+ silo’s actually work out more cost effective than a drying floor as a cost per tonne of grain stored. Due to the vertical drying of the crop, the crop is mixed more evenly, which in turn gives a more uniformed dry.

Q: How do I fill it?

A: These can be filled with a simple auger or a full intake pit with a suitable handling system. Every site is different and we would be happy to advise on the advantages of each system layout.

Q: Can I use it without the drying facility?

A: Yes. It can be used as a standard storage/aeration silo. With the added benefit of the stirrers, grain can be refreshed quickly and easily by running the silo for a few hours every couple of weeks, helping to keep your grain in the optimum condition.

Q: Can it cope with really wet grain? 

A: We recommend a maximum moisture content of 23%

Q: Can I have it painted?

A: Sukup silos are also available with a painted surface. The hot dip galvanized silo sheets are degreased whereupon they are painted with a durable powder coating. You may choose between all standard 1.625 RAL colours – this means that we can always adapt the silo project to your specific requirement.


Sukup’s proven grain drying silo system ensures simple, homogeneous grain drying with no re-handling requirements. Their unmatched technical and practical experience enables you to invest in this system with complete confidence.

  • Fully Galvanised Heavy Duty Strucutre 
  • Standard Control Panel 
  • External Staircase and Internal Ladder 
  • Large Access Hatch at Ground Level
  • Peak with Heavy Duty Lid and Large Platform 
  • Heavy Duty Perforated Floor
  • Stirring Augers and Grain Spreader 
  • 60tph Verticle Discharge Auger 

How does it work?

Watch this quick video to see exactly what goes on inside theSukup drying silo's 

How the SUKUP grain drying silo works

Whats next? 

The logical next step is to talk to someone about it. If you think a drying silo is the right solution for you, or you would like to explore the possibilities further, then call us today or book an appointment with one of our experienced sales managers.

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