McArthur BDC demonstrates new grain handling solutions on show for the first time at LAMMA 2023

Skip LAMMA 23 at your peril! It has potentially never been so important for farmers to take advantage of the available expertise to ensure they have the right machinery in place to make harvest 2023 run as smoothly and as profitably as possible.

“For the first time in the UK, we will be demonstrating Grain Balance a new post-harvest software application which runs on any smartphone. Developed by Skandia Elevator, Grain Balance’s Grain App, allows farmers to easily and accurately measure, in real time, the loads of grain arriving on farm to go into storage, the field in which it was grown and the yield per hectare,” said Andrew Head, sales director, McArthur BDC Ltd.

“At any time, farmers will now be able to quickly and easily see the amount of grain they have harvested. No more guesswork around what field yielded what, or how much grain is in store,” added Head. “Having entered information around the fields to be harvested into the Grain Balance’s Grain App prior to harvest, once combining starts all that has to be done before tipping grain, is to open the app and input the field the grain has come from and Grain Balance does the rest.”

The Grain App is connected via the Internet to the Grain Balance Scale, a sensor kit which sits on the elevator taking grain into storage. The sensor kit collects data around the grain as it passes through the elevator which is sent to Skandia’s Grain Cloud, where the weight of the grain is calculated and then presented back to the farmer via the software app.

Latest developments to BDC System’s Moisture Monitoring System (MMS) will be another first for BDC at LAMMA 2023.

“We have now engineered our MMS so that not only does it monitor the moisture content (mc) of the crop going into and out of the drier, it now automatically controls the discharge rate of the drier should the mc fall below or rise above the predefined levels, ensuring that the crop is discharged at a constant mc.

“The MMS’ ability to automatically control the drier means that the drier’s energy-efficiency is greatly improved. Energy is not wasted by over drying the crop,” continued Head.

With ever more unpredictable harvest weather a 5t Svegma continuous flow drier will form the centrepiece of the BDC stand. Farmers will want to make sure they are geared up to successfully manage wet grain and, as for last year’s harvest, have the additional capability to use their drier to cool grain if required.

With Svegma’s proven reputation for outstanding quality and efficiency its driers (5t to over 100tph) are used extensively by farmers, farming co-operatives, commercial plant operators and maltsters.

McArthur BDC will also be showcasing Skandia Elevator’s next-generation H-Line elevators. The H-Line will be of interest to larger farm enterprises, commercial grain storage operators and milling plants requiring high tonnage grain handling capability.

Having listened to its customers, Skandia’s H-Line delivers elevators that are easy to maintain, have optimised flow resulting in less wear and tear to both the machinery and grain, plus they can now reach an overall height of 70m.

Don’t miss the opportunity to talk all things ‘grain handling’ with the BDC team in Hall 8, Stand 8.410.