Monthly Review - March 2023

Earlier the month the government released a report discussing the sustainable farming incentive, through this program they are paying farmers to carry out actions which support businesses and provide a healthy natural habitat. Improving soil content in a natural carbon efficient way is becoming an outlook that is starting to appeal to many farmers due to the rising costs. Managing these elements in a natural environmentally friendly way can help outgoings fall and carbon foot print decline.

At McArthur BDC this is an element we are also looking into closely and how we can do our part to lower our carbon emissions. Recently we undertook an Energy Audit at both our Scunthorpe sites, which proved to be very beneficial, from this we learnt that out annual carbon footprint is 21.07 CO2e typically the UK is at 5.2 tonnes per capita. Measures have already been put in place to reduce electricity and gas usage at both sites. While the initial audit proved to be a success we are planning to go deeper and explore our other sites, along with commercial vehicles, waste and water consumption. By doing so this will give us an even clearer understanding of are areas to improve upon. Further plans are in place which will put the company in an even greater position to reduce carbon emissions.

As a firm that sells grain driers which consume a large volume of fuel this is also an area in which we are looking into. We are fortunate enough to work alongside leading manufactures Mecmar, Akron and SUKUP which offer low energy grain drying solutions. Which provides our customers with an environmentally friendly option to meet that farming requirements.