An Addition to McArthur BDC Post-Harvest Grain Processing and Storage Solutions Takes Centre Stage at LAMMA 23

In order to meet increasing demand for on farm grain cleaning capabilities, McArthur BDC has developed a mobile solution with JK Machinery’s extremely popular JCC VibroCompact 08 vibrating sieve cleaner at its core.

“Our mobile grain cleaner is completely self-sufficient, mounted on a 14ft Nugent trailer with a curtain side body and can be towed behind most pickups. It can be quickly and easily setup and operated by one person and comes complete with an onboard generator so it can operate anywhere,” explained John McArthur, managing director, McArthur BDC.

“The mobile grain cleaning system we will be unveiling at LAMMA, is the first production model resulting from many customer requests for portable cleaning systems and the design and build of several ‘one-off’ solutions,” continued McArthur. “Farmers now have the opportunity to make a cost-effective investment in their own system that will allow them to add value to their own crops and provide an additional revenue stream from contracting.”

McArthur BDC’s system can be used by farmers to add value to their combinable crops post-harvest, enabling the production of farm-saved clean-only seed, the cleaning of grain to meet contract specifications and, as regenerative farming practices become the norm, the separation of intercrops.

Who knows what weather we can expect for harvest 2023? So, updating an ageing grain drier or increasing existing grain drying capacity should be a consideration. McArthur BDC will be showcasing a Mecmar SSI 28 T grain drier on its stand.

Mecmar driers have for a long time offered unique energy saving and performance enhancing features including their full-length stainless-steel furnace, plenum air distribution system and high open space perforated screens, all designed to deliver more airflow with less energy.  

“The next year will see the use of electronics to enhance the Mecmar’s grain drying process to minimise energy usage,” said McArthur. “Accurate collection of fuel and power data delivers a clear picture of running costs and farmers will soon be able to optimise the grain drier to deliver greater economy or more performance.”

A working demonstration showing how a Sukup grain drying silo operates will be a highlight for visitors to the McArthur BDC stand.

Sukup grain drying silos have long been popular across northern Europe and Scandinavia and they are building a following across the British market. The silos combine the capability to dry, cool and store combinable crops with minimal labour and no costly re-handling.

“The demonstration shows how Sukup grain drying silos provide both functionality and value, which in many cases, offer an alternative to new grain storage sheds equipped with integrated drying floors,” added McArthur.

Farmers wanting to make sure they are ready for harvest 2023 should not miss the opportunity to talk to the McArthur BDC team in Hall 8, Stand 8.644.


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